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Douglas Anne DGN MD

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(606) 878-3240
803 Meyers Baker Rd
London, KY 40741-3039

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(606) 878-3240

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I have been miss dionosed more than once. I had been going to a local doctor for a few years but for every month for a year. I went with complaints of pain in my lower back and stomach. I was hospitalized that year sereval time but was only told I was dehydated and the pain was caused due to pulled muscles, bulgd disc in my lower back. I complained of low period or no period. I was told that was caused by stress. I had a blood test and pap at the doctors office and medical building just 2 or 3 weeks before the day I went to a larger city to seek out why I was not having a normal period and consent pain in back and lower stomach. I was told my pap smer and blood test came back regular by the local doctor. When I went to Knoxville, TN to the gyn he performed the same test. The pap and blood test was taken by him and his staff at his office. This doctor had there own lab at his office. When I left his office that day he told me they would call me on the results. I was in a rush to get back to kentucky so before leaving his office they asked me for my cell phone number. I gave it to them. About 2 hours later I received a call from the doctor asking me to come back, which at the time I was pulling into the parking lot of my office. I told him I would call his office straight back. After calling him back ask me to bring my husband. I replied to him I was a big girl and for him to tell me what was wrong. I really demanded him to tell me over the phone. He finely said he would after I got in my office and call him back So thats what I did. Upon the returned phone call about 10mins. later. He began to inform me that my test had came by cancer. I was overwelmed but tried to with the strongest firm and com voice I could mustered. Processed to get the information I told him I would be back there in the morning cause I had to pick up my young son at daycare and make arrangements so I could come back. When I hung up the phone I was in shock as anyone would be after being told they have cancer. I called my husband to pick me up at my office.I went back the next morning to Knoxville and the doctor ran test after test to comfirm. When I told him I had just had a pap a few weeks before in Pineville he sent out for those results. He said that there was no way a doctor could mistake what this was. He called my local doctor while I was in his office. I heard him tell him he was wrong. I had a hystorecomy a week later. I remember after the first attempt to see if he could freeze the cancer but when he pushed the lights away without doing anything I knew the cancer had to be bad. He said it was as far as he could see and past the cervices. I had the surgury to remove the cancer and I was told after each test something else they found that was wrong, one overy was dropped so each time I moved it would bust vesicals in it which caused alot of pain. I had tumors and etro. along with all these conditions. My future children was taken from me along I suffered. Dr.Rader